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About SIDeR

The Student Interaction Design Research Conference was inaugurated in 2005 in Sønderborg as a means of enabling interaction design students to participate in and contribute to research in the emerging discipline of interaction design. A number of prestigious universities have since been hosts to the event. SIDeR offers students the opportunity to bring forth research they have carried out throughout design projects as well as share reflections on design theory through the medium of an academic paper. Throughout the two days of the event, students will be able to meet with colleagues from other universities, share views on the design practice and build a valuable network in the field of interaction design.

All students at bachelors and masters level are invited to participate in the conference and register, including those who have not submitted a paper.

The conference enables students to participate in and contribute to the emerging discipline of designing (for) interaction. Students (especially: graduate and post-graduate students) are invited to challenge the state of art of the current design world by submitting their ‘interactions’.